HTTP3 support added for all hosted websites

  • Friday, 13th November, 2020
  • 03:35am

HTTP3 support added to all hosted websites.


One of the main touted advantages of HTTP/3 is increased performance, specifically around fetching multiple objects simultaneously. With HTTP/2, any interruption (packet loss) in the TCP connection blocks all streams (Head of line blocking). Because HTTP/3 is UDP-based, if a packet gets dropped that only interrupts that one stream, not all of them.


In addition, HTTP/3 offers 0-RTT support, which means that subsequent connections can start up much faster by eliminating the TLS acknowledgement from the server when setting up the connection. This means the client can start requesting data much faster than with a full TLS negotiation, meaning the website starts loading earlier.


HTTP3 hosting will provide HTTP3 version to browsers which already supporting this protocol and use older version for non supporting browsers.

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